Our Services:

  • Housing assistance (CAF)
  • Free Internet Access (Wifi)
  • Washing Machine
  • Dishwasher
  • TV flat screen
  • Furnished Accommodation
  • Cleaning Kit Provided
  • Free on-street parking
  • Public transport nearby
  • Located in the City Center
  • A single point of contact
  • English and french speaking
  • Shops nearby
  • Book safely online with Paypal
  • Proof of residency for Visa

Book safely online with Paypal:

By booking your accommodation in Cite Etudiante, you take no risk because you get the guarantee of Paypal purchases and transactions is secured by Paypal Bank.



At Cite etudiante, if you sponsor one of your friends who becomes our tenant, you get €50 discount on your next rent!

The principle is simple: each time you sponsor a person who rents one of our homes, you get a discount of €50 euros to be applied on your next month's rent.

And good news, this without any limitation, so you can sponsor as many people as you want and thus win this discount as many times as you want! N.B. the free of charge concerns only the rent except expenses. The subscriptions and consumptions of energy (water, electricity, heating) remain in all cases at your charge. The €50 gift offered to the sponsor is only acquired once the sponsored person has paid the security deposit and the first month of rent.

Example: you sponsor 2 friends who rent one of our houses, you then benefit from €100 of discounts on your next rent.


At Cite etudiante, sooner you pay your rent, less you pay!

So, when you pay your rent in advance, you benefit of reductions on rent that can go up to € 20 of rent less each month...

How it works ?

More months rent you pay in advance, high is the discount:

€ 10 discount for 2 months rent, so it's € 5 discount per month.
€ 30 discount for 3 months rent, so it's € 10 discount per month.
€ 50 discount for 4 months rent, so it's € 12.50 discount per month.
€ 70 discount for 5 months rent, so it's € 14 discount per month.
€ 90 discount for 6 months rent, so it's € 15 discount per month.
€ 120 reduction for 7 months rent, so it's € 17,15 discount per month.
€ 150 reduction for 8 months rent, so it's € 18,75 discount per month.
€ 180 discount for 9 months rent, so it's € 20 discount per month.

And good news: this reduction is cumulative with the other promotional offers we offer...

NB: The reduction applies only on the months of rent paid in advance (so not on the rent of the current month).

Example: at the beginning of the month, you pay 5 months rent in one time, then you benefit of a reduction of € 50 for the 4 months of rent paid in advance, because the first month correspond to the current month.