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Managing Director

About Us

We are an established rental accommodation company:
Cité Etudiante Internationale de St-Étienne was founded by its current managing director, Mr Joel Benhamou, in 2007. It is a privately owned rental accommodation company based in St-Etienne which, each year, welcomes many students, interns and young professionals—mainly in the 18-25 year old demographic—through its doors.

Our conditions of lease are beneficial to tenants:
Since its beginnings, Cite Etudiante Internationale de St-Etienne has set itself apart from other rental accommodation companies in the area due to its very attractive rental offers and innovative approach:

In 2007, we were among the first to offer conditions of lease of particular to tenants: asking for only one months rent as deposit, not requiring a guarantor, allowing short leases and offereing tenancy agreements which don't contain a solidarity clause, meaning tenants only pay for their room and that their rent doesn't increase if another tenant in the property decides to leave, etc.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority:
We set out to provide the best service possible, with the aim of achieving high levels of tenant satisfaction by offering quality accommodation at low prices and services which make your lives easier, like offering to pick you up at the station when you arrive.

All these factors have contributed to our success and explain why, year-on-year, more and more of you choose to rent a home with Cité étudiante internationale de St-Etienne!

Why book your accommodation online with Cité Étudiante?

Peace of mind to be able to book securely online before arrival.
When you reserve online to rent with Cité Étudiante, you can be confident you're not taking any risks when putting your faith in our company:

1/ Any information you send us is protected as it is sent over an https connection. You can see a padlock in your internet address bar to certify the connection is really safe.

2/ Our company is registered in the Companies Register for Saint Etienne (RCS), listed under the following registration number: 490-543-741-000-22 and you can check it, by clicking on " Legal Disclaimer" at the bottom of page.

3/ Our accommodation has been certified by accredited certification bodies, meaning our rental offers are legitimate. In addition, for each unit, by clicking "more info" you have access to all technical diagnostics.

4/ All online payment transactions are made via PayPal and are processed through their secure site. Only PayPal will have access to your bank details.

5/ The addresses of our accommodation are clearly marked on the site. We act as both the letting agent and landlord of all our properties.

6/ Cité Étudiante is a well established rental accommodation company which has been up and running for many years now and welcomes a vast variety of tenants from all over the world, each year.

7/ On arrival, we'll guide you through the final formalities (rental agreement, inventory, etc.)

1/ All bookings of housing on are insured by the insurer MAAF Pro up to 8 million euros.

Click here to wiew the certificate (in French language).

So you have more guarantees with us, than any other owner!